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Welcome! Here you can check out my various interests, from games to music to my hobbies.


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About Me

I'm really into music and songwriting, but I still haven't been playing and writing lately, due to the amount of time I spend on my educational goals. I really miss the music thing. Someday (I know not when) I'll get my drums and amps set up again. Ah well. I still get to strum a few tunes though. At least I'm still recording riffs. Three of my favorite bands are Soundgarden, Nirvana, and The Cars. All three of those bands elevate songwriting to the next level. (I also like other 80's bands, such as The Police and Blondie.)

Personal stuff? I used to work at Skipolini's Pizza Garden in Antioch CA.

And for crying out loud, people!! Sign my frigging guestbook! I'm lonely and I cry at night because it's so empty.

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